Laila Sadeh

Speciality : Hospitality and Fitness

Even though Laila graduated with a Child and adolescent development degree, she's always been passionate about sports and fitness since my early years. She started moving towards building a career guided by her passion and love for helping others lead a healthier lifestyle that feels good for the individual, makes a person happier, and in turn creates a happier community one person at a time. "My ambition is to make a positive impact on people’s choices to lead a healthy happy life through adopting a holistic approach by focusing on mind, body and soul which can be very rewarding."

She guides you as you reconnect to yourself in the way you always wanted without fear, anxiety, or self doubt. She will design unique, tailored nutrition strategies supporting your wellness goals without compromising quality of life.

Growing up in a family business of hospitality has also helped her interact with people from all over the world. It has made her appreciate our differences and the moments that we can learn from each other.

She's learned to be open to new things and never let down a learning opportunity.