Nundiah - Danielle Edwards

Education: Berkeley College

After being laid off for a few years and putting on 20 lbs from motherhood and depression Danielle decided to take her body and get fit. She applied for a position at a women’s fitness studio where she was hired as a Director of Membership Services and Development. Through her tenure she began a strict training regiment conducted by an amazing female staff who helped her lose weight and gave her the confidence to become a certified personal/group trainer. After news that the company would be closing down, she decided she’d had enough and created her very own a start-up. In October of 2017, Danielle became the Founder and CEO of The New Body Project- Brooklyn’s First & Only Women’s Bootcamp Studio. Her passion for empowering women to take their bodies back keeps her motivated to touch, move and inspire.

Danielle is a product of what a strong community of like-minded women who band together can produce. Her dedicated staff ranges from NASM certified personal trainers, NYU Pre-Med Physical Therapy candidates and New York City’s Bravest Fire women.

Through her simple approach of providing a safe COMMUNITY, strong COMMITMENT and sound INTEGRITY; Danielle reaches her clients by establishing real relationships that produce real results.